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Author Checklist

1. General

  • The manuscript should be formatted as follow: A4 or Letter size, 12-point font, left-aligned, double-spaced.
  • Do you have a title page, abstract, key words, main text (including acknowledgements, conflict of interest statement, references, and figure legends), tables, and figures (if applicable)?
  • Do you have the copyright transfer form? (download)
  • Do you have the conflict of interest form? (download)

2. Title page

  • Title, author list, and affiliations must be presented in both Korean and English in case of the Korean thesis; English will be substituted for English thesis.
  • The title should be limited to 30 characters in Korean, 120 characters in English (excluding spaces) without abbreviations.
  • A running title should be given in 40 characters or less including spaces.
  • Corresponding author information should contain postal code, address, phone number, fax number, and email address.

3. Abstract and key words

  • Abstract should follow the word count limits and format: In original articles, 250 words or less, with an organized for mat (Background /Aims, Methods, Results, Conclusions); in review articles, 200 words or less without a specific format; in case reports, 150 words or less without a specific format.
  • Three to five key words should be provided (preferably those recommended in MeSH of Index Medicus; the first letter of each key word should be capitalized)

4. Main text

  • Information regarding approval by an institutional review board and obtaining informed consent should be mentioned in the Method section (if applicable).
  • When using abbreviations, their full forms should be used at first mention; abbreviations/acronyms should then be used consistently in future occurrences.
  • An acknowledgement of persons who provided assistance or special reagents may be included. Grant and financial support related to the work should be specifically stated.
  • Please state any conflicts of interest.
  • All citations in the paper should be complete and accurate in the reference list. The number of references in case reports should be 10 or less.
  • Figure legends should appear consecutively followed by the reference list.

5. Tables and figures

  • Prepare tables on individual pages, double spaced and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals in the order of their appearance in the text.
  • Figures should be supplied in EPS, TIF, or JPEG format at a final resolution of 600 dpi or higher (Microsoft PowerPoint files are also acceptable).
  • All characters or words in the tables or figures should be in English. All abbreviations should be spelled out.
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